Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wedding Gowns

The day you become engaged, the first thing you think about is your wedding gown . Will this be a formal wedding, casual or at the beach? The first thing you need to establish is where the event will be held. Once you have that nailed down, then you can shop for your wedding gown. Most of the time your mother and future mother in law will help you shop for your wedding gown. Sometimes your sisters and father may be part of the group as well. When shopping for a wedding gown make sure that you are the one who makes the final decision. Sometimes you can get swayed from the type wedding gown you have in mind and then you have buyers remorse afterwards and think you may have made a mistake in your wedding gown selection. So visit the bridal magazines and all of the online places to view wedding gowns. Once you have a firm idea of what you are looking for, you can easily make your wedding gown selection . Go to a reputable dealer for your wedding gown needs and make certain they have a go seamstress so that your wedding gown will fit you perfectly on your wedding day.

Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Many brides have never worn any make up except perhaps lipstick in their normal everyday life. So when you contemplate the kind of make up for your wedding, don't just have a make up expert come the day of your wedding and put it on you. Have a discussion with your fiancé about how much makeup for your wedding he would like to see you wear. Otherwise he may come walking down the aisle and not even recognize you. If you could get your makeup expert to have your makeup done in advance the way you want to look on your wedding day and have your friends, mother and fiancé voice their opinions about it, you will be much happier with the make up for your wedding.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wedding Food

Wedding food can have such a wide variety of possibilities that we could literally write a book about wedding food. A small wedding at home will often have the bride and her family planning and cooking the food. Often brides think they save money by cooking themselves but in the scheme of things sometimes that is not the case. Many caterers prepare fancy wedding food that is easily purchased and served as though you had prepared it yourself. If you are having your wedding at a large hotel, the wedding food can have the sky as the limit for fine dinging. Usually your wedding food selection is one of the bride and grooms favorite food and sometimes foods that they ate on their first date. Hotel wedding food can go from a simple hors d'oeuvres selection to an elaborate 7 course meal. Your wedding food selected will certainly be a meal you will never forget.

Seasonal Weddings

Although most brides choose June, July or August for their wedding there are many other seasonal weddings that are equally lovely and appropriate. My favorite is a fall wedding in the Eastern part of the country. The leaves are turning, there is a nip in the air, and the colors a bride would select for her fall seasonal wedding are spectacular. Valentines day is, of course, a very popular time for a romantic wedding featuring the color red for love. Spring seasonal weddings bring spring flowers and the feeling of a new beginning. Then we come full circle back to the June bride. NO matter when your seasonal wedding may be, it will be the most exciting and important day of your life.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Cake

Television shows that specialize in wedding cakes has certaily changed the way we think about a wedding cake. You can take your favorite hobby or maybe a theme on where you met and build your wedding cake around that theme. Any color in frosting is acceptable and the wedding cake can still be traditional depending on what you put inside the cake. Whatever you do, be creative and have epople rave about the wedding cake that you had for your wedding.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is, to my thinking the most important element to a wedding . After all you will live with those wedding pictures for a lifetime. So plese make certain that you get a good photographer that is reliable and comes highly reccommended. Don't hesitate asking for references and look at all of the weddings they have done. You can ask for the negatives but usually that will cost you more. Today everything is digital and much more forgiving for the wedding photographer. Plan, Plan, Plan.....for these fabulous wedding photography pictures.