Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What You Really Want to Know

Question: How can I make sure that my thank you notes sound personal?

Answer: To start replace the traditional “Thank you for your gift” with something fresher like “What a great …! Describe the item and how you plan to use it.

Question: I went to my hair trial and hated what the stylist I’d chosen did. Should I fire him/her?

Answer: Before giving him/her the boot consider scheduling a second trial, if you are convinced he/she’s not the one for you, be truthful about it once the trial ends or with a follow-up phone call.

Question: Is there a way to get my guy to do some “manscaping” for the wedding (without offending him)?

Answer: Pointing out a grooming need is never easy; casually remark that he might look best if he had his eyebrows cleaned up a little. Or mention your own appointment and invite him along. Many spas and salons offer couple’s packages.

Question: How do we steer guests toward giving us money, not gifts for the wedding?

Answer: Enlist your parents and bridal party for this task; they can inform guest that you are saving up for a specific item, whether it’s a new car, a down payment on your first home or spa treatments on your honeymoon. Conveying a clear goal gets a better response than just stating “ They want money”

Monday, June 29, 2009


The cut flowers consume too much of your decorating budget.try the following ideas.

1-Float flowers on the water useing a vase or crystal bowl which makes a big impact with minimal expense and looks great.

2-Use rose petals instead of the blossom.Sixteen roses will approximately have 200 petals and it is perfect for scattering on the tables among candles

3-Single blooms in bud vases clustered around candles provide stunning look on a limited budget.

4-Cluster potted plants in the distressed wood boxes and filled with fragrant herbs such as lavander,mint brings a fresh ,outdoorsy touch to garden wedding.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Get The Ring You Want

The diamond-ring is as exciting as when you first try on your first wedding gown. Not only is this precious gem but a lasting symbol of your love. Both the band and the shape of the stone. (Oval and round shapes tend to be classic; emerald and square, more contemporary; pear and marquise, retro-chic), but the diamond itself can be trickiest of all to choose.

Know the 4 C’s

Cut: A diamond’s cut refers to the series of tiny flat planes created within it.

Carat: This term indicates weight and therefore the size of the diamond, but can vary widely in quality

Color: The most valuable diamonds are colorless, but nearly all have traces of color that are caused by impurities in the stone.

Clarity: The number of inner flaws, as well as their size and visibility, determine a diamond’s clarity. Those with fewer or less visible inclusions are more brilliant, so they’re also pricier.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Picture Perfect

The right photographer is the key; here is what to know before you hires from starting the search to signing the contract. Yes diamonds are forever but they’re not the only wedding investment that stands the rest of time. After the wedding dress is put away, the photographer remains as the tangible reminder of your special day. Most couples consider a good photographer a worthwhile splurge. In fact, it’s not unrealistic to spend $2,000 or more on this service, so choosing the person who will capture your memories on film should be anything but a snap judgment. To guarantee great photos, you need to keep a few things in mind.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Find a photographer you really love, but first set a budget because photographers encounter clients to be straightforward about what they can spend. Take caution against hiring an amateur or even a professional photographer from another field, such as journalism. This is not an event where it’s safe to bring in someone who’s inexperienced.

STYLE AND SUBSTANCE: A couple searches fist and foremost for someone who shares their vision about how their wedding day should be documented. Before you choose a photographer, decide what sort of shorts moves you. There are traditional poses, photojournalistic and candid, or those that look like from a fashion magazine. Get referrals from friends, check online portfolios, and scan local magazines for images so you can get some ideas. Once you feel confident, schedule appointments with five or six photographers you like.

IT JUST CLICKS: Once you find the perfect list of contenders, the bride and groom should sit down together to conduct interviews. Review the sample shots of each photographer, and don’t be afraid to ask for additional images. Request the full album from at least one wedding. Another suggestion is bring samples of photography that have caught your eye.

GET IT IN WRITING: Once you’ve found someone within your budget don’t be afraid to pounce. Good photographers tend to be booked early. Before you sign the contract read the fine print.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Party Time

You always want to make sure that your activities proceed in a timely manner. But it depends on the length of your reception, but is smart and plan ahead and don’t leave details to chance. A great party must have what’s called “Flow”.
Usually with a reception lasting four hours or more you usually have time to schedule things then when you have a shorter event. Once you know exactly what you and your groom would like to do at your celebration, you can then notify your Dj and other wedding pros about your activities and times they will be accruing. Remember if you have a wedding consultant she can help with timing and pacing.

Hour One: Pictures, bride, groom, attendants and family members pose for wedding pictures.
Hour Two: Guest take there seats for there first course, champagne toast usually offered by the best man. Others such as the bride’s father or maid of honor may say a few words.
Some couples prefer to have their first dance, fallowed by their father-daughter and mother-son dances.
Hour Three: The main course is served, and guest dance and mingle.
Hour four: Cut and serve cake, the bride tosses her bouquet, and the groom tosses he garter (optional). Then guest begging to leave. These are just some guidelines. You are entitled to schedule your reception in whatever way you like. Whatever you decide plan your party in a way that’s most comfortable for everyone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

June Weddings:

Everyone always thinks that June weddings are the only time that brides get married. Actually according the the major bridal magazines, there is only about a 10% increase in June weddings and the rest of the months are basically about even.

We have conjured up in our minds the idea that June is the time to get married. Actually June is probably the worst time to get married as that is the time that all catering facilities are full retail. Since there are only 4 weekends in that month photographers are more expensive as they only have the possibility of 8 photo shoots for the month. So why not discard that June wedding idea and try for a great bargain like December or January. Or even Friday these days has become a great day for a wedding. Just remember that anytime that is slightly off time for a vendor is the best time for you to get married.

June weddings can be very romantic just because they are June weddings. So don't just fall in love with an idea rather look for the best economical times to get married in these recessionary times.

June weddings are wonderful but there are hundreds of other days of the year. Remember just have fun!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mother in Laws:

At what point do we start to include future mother in laws in the planning of our weddings? Well it is an individual thing but generally speaking, you will have a longer, happier relationship with your future mother in law if you include her from the start. At least ask her to be involved in the planning and you will really score points. As for the really big times that your mother in law might want to share with you one would be the shopping of your wedding gown. Maybe you shop and shop and them let your future mother in law see the final selections with your mother and your future sisters in laws and your sisters and then they will feel as though they are really a part of the event. You may also want your future mother in laws final approval on the reception location. You and your fiance may also want to speak to your future mother and father in law about the church, synagogue or location where the actual ceremony will be help. Remember that family traditions start at the engagement time so don't leave anyone out. and remember have a really fun time at everything that you do.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who Walks You Down the Aisle:

There is always the tradition of your father walking you down the aisle but what if your father was not around when you were growing up or what if your father has passed. Often times even if your father is alive today the mother and the father walk you down the aisle. If the mother and father were separated or divorced especially that if the case. The mother feels that
she raised you and that she also deserves that prove.

What if your father was never in your life and your step father raised you? Well it is not at all uncommon to have the step father walk you down the aisle. Another option is to have your father and the step father walk you down the aisle. Another option is to have your grandfather walk you down the aisle.

Whatever you do son's forget the most important thing is to have a wonderful
time and a wonderful memory of your big wedding day. Choose the person you are closest to for your big walk down the aisle.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Ultimate Don't List:

Don't demand that your guests dress like wenches. If you want to wear a plunging neckline for your Renaissance themed wedding that is fine but don't put that onto yourt guest as a requirement.

Don't send the yellow pages for a hotel selection for your out of town guests. Rather go to a reasonably priced hotel that is near the festivities and make a block reservation for your guests. Give your guests an inexpensive price range and also a medium and a high price range for their possible bookings.

Don't send your wedding gift wants to your wedding guests. If you are having a wedding shower then it is acceptable to let your guests know where you are registered. Otherwise just accept the gifts and thank each personn individually.

Don't charge admission. As cash bar is not in good taste. Rather than look cheap, scale your wedding back and don't have booze at all if you can't afford to pay for it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Weddings

Have your ever dreamed of a lovely garden wedding but thought it was too much work? Wel dream no more here is the way to plan that wedding and also to do it on a budget.

If you consider borrowing from your neighbors and friends the chairs and folding tables as well as dishes and silverware, you can really do this wedding on a tight budget.

Go to Costo or Sams Club and you will find incredible things to buy that are already made and are discounted to boot. You can even have your wedding cake done there are the prices are wonderful.

Think about going to a thrift store to find really cute items that some other bride may have used for her wedding and you can buy them for a song. You can decorate with beautiful vines and leaves from your garden. If you plan far ahead enough you will be able to plant your own seeds for flowers and they will be full grown for table decorating by August. Just let your imagination go wild.

Actually speaking of thrift stores, why no shop for a vintage wedding gown for your garden wedding or for a used wedding gown that shows hardly no wear. You will have fun doing it with your mom and sisters or even your fiance.

Whatever you do make certain that you have a fun time at your garden wedding. This will be the most exciting day of your life and one you won't want to forget forever. So make that garden wedding a spectacular event!