Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Dress, Bridal Hairstyle

Your bridal hairstyle should be one of the last things to consider when putting together your bridal look. Make sure you have your wedding dress, know your venue, and know what it represents. Most importantly, stay true to your unique personality! For example, if you are having a simple garden wedding, go for the Romantic Bride look. If you are having a large formal wedding, go for a traditional or contemporary look.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding Dresses with Pockets

One our favorite trends of the past three years are wedding dresses with pockets! Seems like this has been a bit of a controversial topic–brides either love it or hate it… but have no doubt, pockets are here to stay.Wedding dresses with pockets can be on just about any style gown, including short gowns and sheath. However, the ball gowns with pockets are just magnificent. Why pockets on a wedding dress? Pockets make the dress hip and chic. Different poses can be done for the wedding photos–a hand in one pocket, a bouquet in the other–how great?When the pockets are not being used, they are not visible, so no worries about taking any of the elegance away from the dress. Pockets are also a great way to staff a tiny mirror for make-up checks, tissues for those tearful moments, or whatever tiny tidbit you feel is needed! No need for a bridal purse with these gowns!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Wedding Gowns

As the fabrics have evolved to compare and actually surpass traditional bridal fabrics for wedding gowns, we have dedicated ourselves to being innovators in the Green bridal movement. We believe that a wedding is a very sacred ceremony. By choosing to wear a natural fiber on this special day, a woman is honoring not only the sacredness of her commitment to her partner, but also the very sacred connection that we all share.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Choosing Your Wedding Dress Shoes

Don’t stress about finding your bridal shoes. It is a fairly easy process if you go in prepared. Below are some tips tips to help you out! Think about what type of formal shoes you like to wear in everyday life… and then spruce them up from there. Consider buying two pairs–one for the ceremony and one for the reception. This way, you can show off your shoes in pictures, but still be comfortable the rest of the evening. Get creative with color. Don’t try to match your shoes to your wedding dress exactly. Consider silver, gold, red, or even blue. This year the pop of color at the feet is huge! Plus, if you choose a blue, you have the “something blue” covered… double duty! Another trend is to add a brooch to each shoe for bling. Go to all types of shoe stores. A bridal wedding dress shoe does not have to be purchased in a bridal store. Plus, you may save a lot of money shopping at a department store!